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    Does starting the counseling process stress you out? Are you juggling multiple commitments and unable to drive across town? Or, do you live outside of central Ohio but feel I can help?

    If so, you and I can consider virtual therapy or telehealth.

    Telehealth allows me to provide services to you via live video conferencing. You can do this anywhere you have a computer or smartphone. Telehealth can be beneficial if getting to a traditional in-person appointment is not convenient or is not the right fit for you.

    Research to date has shown telehealth to be just as effective as in-person therapy; however, it’s not right for everyone. 

    To learn more about if telehealth is right for you, reach out. I’d be happy to discuss your options.


    Do you struggle to make connections and build relationships over the computer? Do you find technology to be complicated or frustrating? Or, do you prefer to do things face to face?

    If so, I can help through in-person services.

    The office is located at 7720 Rivers Edge Drive, Suite 121 Columbus, Ohio 43235. I work closely with practitioners at Midwest Educational Therapist & Associates. For that reason, the office is within their practice. The office has ample parking and a private waiting room.

    The office has natural light, inviting décor, and large tables so we can complete hands-on activities or meet in small groups.

    If you think in-person services are right for you, reach out. I’d be happy to discuss your options.