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    Parent Coaching

    Nothing prepares you to become a parent. Some of us were lucky enough to have parents that set a good example. But others grew up in homes where the dynamic between child and parent was anything but functional or consistently loving. Even if you had loving parents that did right by you 24/7, you never really know what behavioral challenges your child may wind up struggling with and how those will affect your other children and the family as a whole.

    How can I help?

    At Restorative Education, parents/guardians come to see how anxiety, adhd, autism, learning disabilities, or giftedness impact their child or adolescents thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. In addition, parents/guardians learn strategies to resolve daily struggles such as morning routines, homework challenges, and sibling bickering.

    I often work with parents/guardians who:

    • Wish their child or teen came with an instruction manual;
    • Are looking for ways to address behavioral issues with their child, such as aggression and defiance;
    • Want to learn strategies to support their adolescent’s  physical, social, or emotional development and;
    • Need guidance on creating a plan to address any other issues or educational problems.

    Anything else?

    Parent coaching is a bit different from traditional counseling in that its focus is more goal-directed. With parenting coaching, you choose a goal (get my child to do their homework without a tantrum). Then, I offer tried and true techniques to bring you the outcome you desire.

    If any of this sounds familiar to you, please reach out. Together we can determine if parent coaching is right for you and your family.