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    Individuals are more likely to succeed when their families, schools, and communities work together. Consultation is the process whereby individuals, families, schools, and other groups come together to solve problems and implement solutions. As a consultant, my aim is to build rapport with consultees and communicate clients’ strengths and weaknesses. My aim is to work with consultees to identify clients’ learning and associated problems, as well as identify methods of prevention and intervention for such problems.

    Since no two clients are alike, no two consultations are the same. Instead, each consultation is tailored to fit each client’s needs.

    At Restorative Educaiton, I offer consultation to new and returning clients for the purpose of supporting children, adolescents, and young adults both in and out of the classroom. Consultation may take place with individuals, family members, public or private schools, college advisors, or other groups or organizations.

    Examples of consultations I often provide include but are not limited to: 

    • Review of educational documents (e.g. Section 504 Plans, Evaluation Team Reports, Individual Education Plans, and Behavior Intervention Plans)
    • Attendance in meetings to share results of counseling sessions or psycho-educational evaluations
    • Participation in meetings to advocate for the academic, social, emotional, or behavioral needs of clients

    If you’re unsure if consultation is right for you, give me a call. Together we can discuss your needs.